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Dalaman -surrounded by touristic centres such as Göcek, Fethiye, Dalyan, etc.- is located on a big plain which is surrounded by mountains and the sea. This natural paradise has got unspoilt and marvellous environment which has many beaches within 30 min driving distance, ancient ruins, and a big farm, which is 17th biggest in the world and 8th biggest in Turkey. 

You can easily get to Dalaman from Muğla-Fethiye highway. There are plenty of transports available, with taxi's and a new bus station offering buses and dolmus to each area regularly. There are buses that run here every day from all major cities at designated hours.  The international airport also has domestic flights from cities such as Ankara and Istanbul.

Facilities are good with schools, university, doctors, hospital and vets available.

Since Dalaman International Airport has been enlarged, more and more visitors are attracted by the natural and historical beauties around Dalaman. Especially the wonderful inlets, bays around Kapidag peninsula have always been spectacular spots for the blue cruise tours, Sarsala, Gobun, Bongus, Siralibuk, Tasyaka bays and Baba, Nar and Peksimet Islands are to mention...  Here are the images of some of them:








 With cool plateaus, bays with wonderful sceneries, rafting in Dalaman river, thermal baths, historical remains... Dalaman region offers  quite a lot facilities  for everyone. If you spend a few days of your holiday or decide to buy a property in Turkey, you should visit those beauties around Dalaman, you would have memories always to remember.

All these beauties attract tourists as well as Council of Ministers attention. Dated 01.06.2005 and act of law 25692, Dalaman was declared as ‘Tourism Development Area’ by Council of Ministers. The Turkish government has now released its plans for the tourist development of three very large areas, situated on the beautiful agricultural land in Tigem.














 The three areas have been allocated for ‘Golf City’, ‘Health Resort’ and ‘Nature Park’ these will in corporate golf courses (one already being built), a very large Spa Resort Hotel with a capacity of 10,000 guests, man made lake, parks, holiday village, sports areas, climbing, horse riding, trekking and much more… The plans are huge and the project is set out over the next 3-4 years. Once they are completed Dalaman will be one of the major touristic towns in Turkey.

Some projects have completed and some are on-going projects. As a result, Dalaman serves a great investment opportunity as it is a developing touristic area. Currently capital growth is approx. 15 % and it will raise more once the marina construction started. Therefore if you invest now, within a few years you will see that you will be picking the fruits up of your investment.

Since the declaration many investments such as




  •  Göcek Tunnel which was completed in 2006, 



















  •  Building office & shopping centre of Dalaman Municipality which is the biggest official building in Muğla, 





  • Re-building the infrastructure and streets of the town were already done.



  Additional to these, 












  • Another 8 five star hotel projects and 


  • One more Golf Course project will be scheduled within a few years.


What kind of activities can you find in Dalaman and surrounding area?

  • Golfing 

A golfers dream comes true! The construction of the Pine Bay Golf Hotel in connection with a luxury 18 hole, championship, golf course has been building in Sarigerme which is only 12 km to Dalaman. This project represents the start of a serious line of golf and tourism investment. It is planning to be completed till the end of 2012.


  • Beaches & water sports

There are three big beaches in the area. One of them is Sarsala cove, which is calm and suntrap, is 20 min. drive away from Dalaman. Because of being protection area, there is no construction around it. While you are getting there on top of the hill of Sarsala you will be met by a fascinating panoramic view. The cove today is one of the most popular stop points of the boats and yachts on the Blue Cruise.


Sarıgerme beach -which is a part of 7 km beach- has blue flag award because of its clean & pure water and its safety. Several facilities such as wind surfing, jet skiing,  diving, picnic, etc are arranged here.












 Dalaman beach is a quiet area to relax and fishing. 




Other main beach is Iztuzu beach. Every year turtles (caretta caretta) come to Iztuzu to leave their eggs. Because of that it is called as Turtles’ beach, too. If you are lucky, you can see baby turtles. 


  • Mud Baths / Thermal Waters

The mud baths and thermal waters are very enjoyable for tourists. The mud baths are believed to cure skin disease and rheumatism, as well as liver, spleen and bowel problems. A mud is then followed by a sunbath to feel the healing effect of the mud. The dried mud stretches the skin and cleans the pores. Finally, one can relax in the warm waters of the hot springs. And it is believed the sulphurous thermal waters of Kapıkargın and İncebel have healing powers. 

  • Rafting in Dalaman River

The Dalaman River has become one of the Turkey’s most popular rafting spots in recent years. The stream has two different levels of difficulty. The higher one has a difficulty level of 3th grade and can only be undertaken with rafting boats. The lower level can be done by "river canoeing" and is advised for the beginners. On this stage, which only has a level one difficulty rating, children can also join in. You must try rafting. You will get lots of joy and excitement and there is no risk as you are accompanied by experienced guides. 

  • Diving

Diving is a relatively new activity which is getting popular especially in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Turkish waters offer many opportunities to be discovered such as under water caves, steep walks, rock formation, and many fishes, attract divers from all over the world. The diving clubs and travel agencies with offer discovery specialized diving trips increased in number and quality of services offered increased also. One can appreciate fully the beauty of swimming in a colour harmony of light and dark blue combined with light and dark green. 

  • Horse Riding

You will appreciate nature while riding a horse around ancient Köyceğiz and Hisarönü. Enjoy the peace and beauty of local countryside while riding through pine forest.


  • Boat Tours

This is the way to relax and take in the delights of Turkish coastline and islands. Under the heat of summer sun, on the way there and back you can numerous breaks for meals and swimming. Boat trips show you around such as the most beautiful coves and islands.


  • Yachting tourism and Blue Cruise

The Aegean coastline in Turkey between Fethiye, Dalaman, Marmaris, Bodrum often called Turquoise Coast and is an ideal destinations for a yachting sailing and cruising vacations. To take a blue cruise in Dalaman and surrounding bays is a unique experience and the best way to explore this naturel heaven. On the Blue Cruise route the boats go to the coves of Sarsala, Büngüş, Sıralıbük, Kurşunlu and Taşyaka (Bedri Rahmi) on the Kapıdağ Peninsula. All these coves are breathtaking! 

  • Jeep safari

Jeep safari is the most enjoyable experience. When you attend to jeep safari, you are passing through forests, villages and streamlets by the specialized Turkish drivers via old roads. It is the best way to relax and discover region.


  • Paragliding 

Tandem paragliding is getting popular day by day all over the world. Paragliding is performed by many travel agencies from the top of 1975 metres high Mount Babadağ in Fethiye. Before slowly gliding, you can view this wonder of nature from 1975 metres height owing to paragliding. You can also see Patara beach, Dalaman even island of Rhodes if weather is clear. 

  •  Skiing

Seki Ski Resort -which is under construction- is situated 120km from Dalaman and can be easily reached by car and by local minibuses The Mountain of Erendağı where the ski resort is a part of mountain lines called Toroslar located South of Turkey. The height of mountain is 2780m from the sea level but Ski Resort is just 1920m high from downtown of Seki. The construction of the resort is going to be completed within a few years.  


  • Fishing

This relaxing activity might be done in nearly all the bays around Dalaman and Göcek plus in Dalyan river and Köyceğiz lake. You may catch trout, sea bass, sea bream and etc. 



  • Biking

Mountain-biking is a biking tour through the country side around Dalyan and Koycegiz passing through groves of aromatic ‘liquid amber’ trees, a species found nowhere else in the world, where you can swim in cool, clear water. The route passes through several small villages and is via mainly a flat and quiet road. 

  • Bird Watching

When we consider the diversity of bird species in Turkey both migratory and non-migratory, we can see that Turkey is a unique place for this abundance as Turkey’s range of different ecosystems and its position on bird’s migratory routes. You are going to admire greatness of nature when you see bird species in Dalaman and surrounding area if you are fond of nature floras and faunas.



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