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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Are there any restrictions for foreigners purchasing in Turkey?
Yes, only in rural areas and military zones.  In our developments there are no  restrictions on the land used.

Q2: How many properties can I purchase in Turkey?
You can buy many properties up to 25.000 m2 in total. Any foreigner is allowed to purchase totally 25.000m2   property within borders of Turkey.

Q3: Will the property be freehold?
Yes, all properties sold by Dalaman Estates & Construction are classed as “Freehold”

Q4: Can I sell my property in Turkey and take my money out of the country?
A4: Yes you can sell your property, rent your property or will your property.

Q5: Can I rent my property in Turkey?
  Yes, you can rent privately or through Dalaman Estates & Construction.

Q6: Do I have to pay annually tax on my property?
Yes. It is called Annual Real Estate Tax  and the amount is calculated on the basis of declared value of your property which could not be less then a threshold determined by tax authorities. Tax payments are made in 2 equal instalments in May and in November each year and those are collected by the local municipality  (Council). The tax base is annually updated by a coefficient determined by the Ministry of Finance taking into account the inflation rate. For more info about tax please
click here.

Q7 : Can I obtain a residence permit?
:  Yes, when you purchase your property, you can apply for a residence permit for  1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years.

Q8: Can I set up a bank account?
Yes. You need to attain a tax number from the Turkish Tax Office in order to set up a bank account. We will help you in order for you to attain a tax number.

Q9 : Is the crime rate in Turkey high?  
  : No, lower than European countries.

Q10: Is there a mortgage system available for foreigners to purchase property in Turkey?
: Yes in our own project,  mortgage is available  through several Turkish banks
. For further information about mortgage please contact Turkey Property Mortgages.

Q11: Do I need an earthquake insurance?
: Earthquake insurance is compulsory in Turkey and it is very cheap.

Q12 : Can I get house insurance in Turkey and is it expensive?
: Yes, you can get house insurance and contents at very good rate. We have been helping you about insurance service as well. For further info or a quote please contact us.

Q13: Can I take my pets to Turkey?
Yes, if you are planning to move to Turkey permanently, then you can take your pets as long as you have pets passport and vets documents.

Q14: Can I take my car to Turkey?
: Yes, but not recommended as you have to pay.  It costs you much.

Q15: Will I have any problems communicating in Turkey? 
A15: No, as most as Turkish people speak English especially who are in the tourist areas. Here is the basic Turkish -English phrases which you may learn easily.

Q16: How Turkish people behave towards foreigners?
: Ektreme friendly and very helpful people. You will see live hospitality here.

Q17: What are the advantages of purchasing a property in Turkey? 
The stable economic situation with 5 annual increases in income in GNP, a rise of the GNP from yearly about 9%, and this already about 5 years. The nearsness to Europe with very short flight times to Turkey. The strong appreciation of value of a real estate in Turkey. If you would like to make your money double within a few years, you may come and buy a property from Turkey, especially from Dalaman. Price are quite available to invest now.

Q18: Is it expensive to live in Turkey?
No, the price are quite lower than in Europe and especially food, vegetables and fruits of all kind are very favorable. Low cost living-5th most inexpensive OECD country.

Q19: What about education facilities?
As a resident, you can send your children to a local government or private school. Both offer a good standard of education and the private schools accommodate pupils from all over the world.

Q20: What are the standards and costs of Health Care?
The standard of health care in generally very good. All foreigners have to pay for Medical treatment.


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